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Corporate Training Programs

The modules covered in our Corporate Training Program are:

  • » Anger and Stress Management
  • » Assertiveness
  • » Customer Relationship Orientation
  • » Group Discussion and Interview Skills
  • » Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • » Life Skills
  • » Presentation Skills
  • » Team Building
  • » Time Management
  • » Other Modules

Anger and Stress Management
This module is aimed at Identifying your Stressors and Managing/ Controlling your Responses to the people and events that arouse your Emotions.

A module that helps you in boosting your Self-Confidence and to gain Respect among peers.

Customer Relationship Orientation
Helping you deal with your Customers effectively and efficiently is the essence of this module, and includes specific pro-active solutions for Handling Irate Customers and problematic situations.

Group Discussion and Interview Skills

A module which concentrates on equipping you to handle Group Discussions and Interviews, it Enhances the participant's Employability Skills.

Interpersonal Effectiveness
This module focuses on the ability to read and manage Emotions, Motivations and Behaviour of oneself and others during social interactions with emphasis on Effective Communication, Listening Skills, Body Language and Conflict Resolution.

Life Skills
Based on the WHO definition of Life Skills, the module focuses on "developing abilities for Adaptive and Positive Behavior that enable individuals to deal Effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life".

Presentation Skills
The crucial issue of delivering a Winning Presentation is addressed in this module. The main focus is on the structure of the presentation, use of visual aids, importance of body language, voice and accent and anxiety handling techniques.

Team Building
This module aims at understanding the principles underlying the working of teams through the medium of activities and role-play to help participants identify themselves in relation to other members of the group and also management of conflict.

Time Management
Aimed at identifying your Time Wasters and Establishing Your Priorities, this module helps you formulate your own Time Management Plan.

Other modules handled by us include

  • » Coaching, Influencing and Mentoring
  • » Corporate / Business Etiquette
  • » Creativity
  • » Decision-making
  • » Effective Public Relations
  • » Leadership
  • » Management of Creativity
  • » Motivation
  • » Negotiation
  • » Positive Attitude
  • » Problem Solving
  • » Public Speaking
  • » R.E.T
  • » Sensitivity in the Workplace

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Our Corporate Training Programs have proved to be very effective in helping employees maximize their potential and have resulted in enhanced contribution to their organization.

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