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PHP / MySQL Program Training Course

PHP/  MySQL Program Training Certification CourseBoth PHP and MySQL are increasingly popular open-source technologies and this course has been designed to give you the skills to fully utilise the power and flexibility they offer. This four day, practical, exercise-driven course will cover the fundamentals of using MySQL and PHP and will provide a firm grounding in each technology and explore how they allow you to build sophisticated, bespoke web applications...

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SEO - Internet Marketing Certification Courses

SEO - Internet Marketing Certification CoursesDo you want to improve your rankings in the most popular search engines? This course is designed to give your organisation that crucial competitive edge by ensuring that your site is properly registered and positioned with the major search engines. This practical course will cover all you need to know about search engine registration and efficient maintenance of your website positioning. This course could dramatically...

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Ajax Professional Training Course

Ajax Training Certification CourseAjax is enabling a new wave of interface design for the web, allowing developers to build richer, more responsive experiences for website users. This one day course covers using the HTTPRequest object to create asynchronous calls to different data sources such as XML and databases. The technology used during this course is ASP but the principles can be transferred to PHP or any other Server-side technology...

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ASP.NET Training Certification CourseThis practical, comprehensive three day introduction to ASP.NET is designed to enable you to create ASP.NET applications that deliver powerful, dynamic web content. The course covers web forms and handling events, web controls and input validation using the new web application architecture and web services as well as debugging in the integrated development environment. At the end of this course....

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Web Designing Traing Course

Web Design Training Certification CoursesCreate fantastic Web pages… and develop yourself a glittering career
Do you have finesse for design? If you have then a career as a web designer could be just for you. The perfect way to get started is the Dreamweaver and Flash course. The opportunity to learn both in one course is unique and you can learn how to create the website with Dreamweaver and how to improve it...

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