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At Manpower you get competent certified world-class software developers, work for you at the same work hours and just a local call away. Whether you need one or fifty resource(s) for support to your ongoing development team augmentation, R&D, product development, system maintenance and enhancement, we provide competent, managed, technically well qualified professionals at a substantial savings. Contact us to know more and we can customize our offerings to meet your requirement the best.

Hire our Dedicated Web Developers and Web Designers and cut your Web Design and Development Cost by up to 60%. This service allows you to virtually hire PHP, ASP ,JSP and VB, C#, Dot.Net Programmers, web designers and developers from us and use them as if they are under your own payroll. No Payroll Burden, No Infrastructure Burden, No HR Burden. Rely on our experience in bringing the band cost effective solution to your business.

Think of taking that long overdue vacation. Forget attrition as your developers will work and be managed at our end in India, following your directives sent from anywhere on the globe. Sit back and enjoy the sunset in Hawaii; while your work gets done -in real time- by personnel, on full time equivalent (FTE) basis. The developers will work and be managed at our end in India -following directives from your end. Now you can recruit and hire individual employees or a team of programmers, software developers, coders and designers; who will work for you exclusively, on your project/s, on full time equivalent (FTE) basis.

The interaction between all the stakeholders is depicted in the following diagram.


What We Do At Our End

  • » Hiring / Firing / Retaining
  • » Provide infrastructure and security
  • » Arrange interviews and selections
  • » Maintain the programmers on our payroll
  • » Attest programmer experience &credibility
  • » Ensure programmers presence and output
  • » Maintain auxiliary programmers to ensure backup and continuity
  • » Enforce defined coding standards and styles
  • » Provide daily/weekly progress reports

What You Do At Your End
Select programmers from our talent pool.
Hire your own team of programmers - recruited through us.
Define coding standards and styles.
Proceed with coding standards and styles defined by us.
Delegate work to the programmers.
Communicate continuously.
Receive daily/ weekly updates.
Pay a fixed retainer to Official Gates.

Manpower Dedicated professionals
» Our developers are apt, experienced and qualified professionals.
» They are up-to-date, and highly skillful.
» Our professionals possess excellent communication skills.
» As a team they are determined to produce quality software quickly and efficiently.
» Our professionals enjoy the Management maturity.
» Low manpower fluctuation.
» At our Hire a Developer Facility, we ensure to assign a dedicated web designer, dedicated programmer, or even an entire project team to focus on your task alone.

Our level of communication to your project is like you are having an in-house development facility minus the cost of infrastructure, recruitment and perks with high security systems. We also implement standard/customer specified quality framework, allowing our customers to gain competitive advantages from our Hire facility while benefiting from cost reductions.

Hiring developer services are proving to be of vital importance in today's competitive market. Every company is looking forward to hire dedicated professionals who are more likely to understand their projects and their requirements compare to others. 'Official Gates' allows you to select any professional from the pool of our highly qualified and experienced professionals, to exclusively work on your project like a full-time employee would any hassle.

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